Karmic Relationships: Toxic Signs You Might Be In One

karmic relationships how to identify if you're in a toxic relationship
Karmic relationships are filled with passion and lust. Exciting from the start but usually not long-lasting because it’s missing true love.

What are the signs that you’re in a karmic relationship?

It is the energy and beliefs of karma, that is referred to as the “karmic relationship.” In addition to being intense and exciting, the experience may also be detrimental and destructive in its consequences. Regardless, you may experience either positive or negative karma consequences in your relationship depending on your behavior.

Initially, negative karmic relationships are marked by a strong attraction that evolves into a bond that is characterized by feelings of passion and instability as the relationship progresses. Rather than being there to educate us about love and relationships, they are here to inspire us to pursue our own passionate loves.

Whether we are unwittingly striving to fix injuries or imbalances that we have endured in the past, or vice versa, we have a partner who is here to aid us in the healing process. The signs of this kind of courting are listed below for your convenience so that you can determine whether or not you are engaging in one.

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They are addictive.

Sometimes the sentiments between these couples are so strong that they manage to take control of your thinking, which is not uncommon. Take the following question into consideration: Is it possible for you to imagine your life without that person? How well were they at erasing your memory of who you were before meeting them? How often do you give yourself the opportunity to be alone with your own thoughts?


They do not contribute in your life.

There are certain individuals who engage in self-serving behavior. Their way of life benefits only themselves and nobody else. This is often referred to as a Toxic Relationship. These relationships have been going on for centuries but it’s easier to identify now with internet and social media. We’ve all seen toxic celebrity relationships in magazines and blogs. It seems like most of these relationships are based on ‘Looks, Money and Fame’, although there’s also a lot of other types of examples. 


Red flags in sight.

It becomes harder to see red flags when you’ve been in a toxic relationship for a long time. Some things to look out for is your partner’s behavior. Do they hide things from you? Are they secretive about their friends and their time? Are they coming home late or giving you excuses about everything? We’ve heard of relationships that use blackmail on each other, which is definitely a red flag.


Brings out the worst in you.

The world is generally a good and happy place. When you’re in a karmic relationship, you lens of which you see life is negative. The scars of being in a toxic relationship can really be damaging psychologically. Healing this damage may require you to break up with your partner. It may also require you to spend some time with a professional therapist in some cases.


Tangled discussions.

Following the occurrence of a problem, it is practically impossible to rectify it. Disagreements on other topics often arise without any obvious reason, and the original debate gets lost in the mix when this happens.

Put your day’s activities into perspective and focus on the good parts of the relationships you’ve made at the end of the day. Having conversations with your family or friends can really help.

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