The Different Types of Lube and How to Use Them

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Lubricant is one of the most important things to make the penetration more comfortable or to reduce the pain caused by friction. They are used for both the purpose of solo masturbation and partner sex.

There are many myths about lubricants like they decrease the sensuous mood and you are not attracted to your partner. In reality, there is no connection between your mood and lubricants. A study says that 70% of women tells that it made sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

So, if you are thinking to include lube, there is no reason to feel hesitant. But there are some important things you should know when picking your first bottle of lube. Here we will discuss different kinds of lubricants on the market and each of their pros and cons.

Some Common Types of Lubes

There are many different types of lubes on the market today and they all have some pros and cons. If you are a newcomer, you should make sure that read the ingredients so you can avoid some common problems with each kind.

The most common types of lubricants are:

  • Water-based lubricants
  • Silicone-based lubricants
  • Oil-based lubricants

Apart from these chemical-based lubricants, you can also try some natural lubricants like mineral oil, coconut oil, or saliva. There is less known about these products and how they react with other materials such as latex and silicone, so be careful when you use any natural lubricants with latex condoms, latex diaphragms, and silicon or latex sex toys.

Some lubricants are marketed as natural; however, it is important to read the ingredients because many times they contain non-natural ingredients that can cause damage or infection. Because there is so little research on these natural lubricant options, it would be better to avoid them.

Water-based Lubes

Water-based Lubricants are probably the safest option to try. The sex experts also recommend them. It effectively reduces friction and increases glide. It is also compatible with silicone and latex, so you can use it with your silicone sex toys and latex condoms or diaphragms. It is also very easy to clean off the skin and other surfaces so you don’t have to worry about any staining.

With the pros, there are also some cons of the water-based lube, many users experienced stickiness very quickly. If you are in the mood for a long sex session, you will need to reapply the lubricant often. Another con of this lubricant is, that it doesn’t work if you plan sex in the shower, because water washes the lubricant away.

Apart from these, water-based lube is a great option for anyone looking for a smooth and enjoyable sex session.

Silicone-based Lubricants

A silicone-based lubricant is another option, after water-based lubricants, it can be a good option if you are used properly. If you ever used a silicone sex toy, you know very well that it easily reduces friction and glides smoothly, and silicone lubricant works the same.

With the Silicone-based lube, you can have sex in the shower or bath, because it cannot be washed away with water, and you don’t need to frequent re-application, so it is the perfect option for longer sex sessions when frequent re-application can become inconvenient. It is also safe for use with latex condoms and diaphragms, but you can’t use it on your silicone-made sex toy or any other silicone products, it can break down the silicone on the sex toy and creates cracks that can house bacteria because they are hard to clean. A silicone-based lubricant is also harder to clean off the skin, so when you’re done, wash it quickly with soap and water to remove the lubricant. It also leaves stains, so do it properly.

Oil-based Lubricants:

Oil-based lubricants are also the type of personal lubricant. Like Silicone-based lubricants, they also last longer without re-application, so if you are planning a long sex session and prefer to not have to re-apply it, oil-based lubricant might be a good option. They will also work during shower sex because they won’t be washed away in the water. You can also use it as massaging oil during foreplay.

Oil-based lubricants are not compatible with latex products, the oil can break down the latex and cause the products to break, this effect has also been experienced in non-latex products. They cannot be cleaned very easily from your body, your sheets, and your sex areas. They also leave stains and lead to more frequent vaginal infections. If you decide to use an oil-based lubricant, make sure you are prepared and know what is safe to use with them, and what is not.

Bottom Line:

All types of personal lubricants have some pros and cons, so as per your preferences, you can choose anyone. The most important thing to consider the compatibility, which we discuss above. However, if you have any doubts, then water-based lubricant will be the best option for you. Check out our website to find a good lubricant that works for you.

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