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Some Important Facts about Vibrators

Facts about Vibrators

According to many surveys, it is found that a majority of women use a vibrator. Still, there is a lot of unknown important fact is hidden. Are vibrators only for masturbation, or can they also make coupled sex more pleasurable? These types of questions always come to your mind when you think of vibrators. In this article, we will understand all the important facts about vibrators.

Vibrator Treats Depression and Anxiety

The first vibrator is invented to treat depression and anxiety among women. It is invented by Physician George Taylor to treat a medical condition like “hysteria”. It was treated by vulval or clitoral massage and later vibration, which would bring women ‘ to the point of hysterical paroxysms of relief.

Vibrators offer reliable orgasms

More than 50% of the female population uses a vibrator, what’s the reason behind it. Sexologist tells that a vibrator offers the clitoral stimulation that is very important for most women to climax. They are power sex toys for faster orgasm for busy, tired, stressed, or lower-libido women, it instantly kicks arousal.

Married Women use vibrators more than an unmarried one

As per a Survey by Adam & Eve, it is found that 50% of married women use vibrators while only 29% of single women do. Married women may use a vibrator to reduce the ‘orgasm gap’ the fact that during couple sex, men tend to climax faster than women do.

Vibrators aren’t only for Masturbation

According to the study of Journal of Sexual Medicine study, about 80% of females and 91% of the male population use a vibrator when they enjoy couple sex. Vibrators help in foreplay and erotic play and make sex life more creative and enjoyable, not only women but men also feel good using vibrators.

Vibrator Lead To Numbness in Vagina

A vibrator can make your vagina feel insensitive, This symptom is pretty rare and also not permanent. Only 11% of women using vibrators experience occasional numbness according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine data, but only 3% felt it frequently.

If you experience it, adjust the settings or change the position or angle of your vibrator. After doing all these, if you feel the same, just take a break and let your body reset.

Vibrators tend to better sexual health

There is no danger in regular using a vibrator women who play regularly with this buzzy device had an ob-gyn checkup which is very important to self-examined their lady parts. Regular gynecological exams and self-checks are more important aspects of maintaining optimum sexual health.

You Can test a Vibrator in Public

Imagine, when you are shopping for your new vibrator and want to check its efficiency, means it provides or not the right kind of stimulation for your pleasure? The best part of the vibrator is you can check its efficiency in public, just touch it to the tip of your nose, the high concentration of nerve endings will give you a good idea of how it will feel on your sensitive areas.

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