Why Hugging Will Make You As A Couple Happier

Is there anything more satisfying than a good hug??? I believe that hugging is even better than sex sometimes. Although sex is clearly preferable than hugging, this is not always the case. There are those days when nothing but a hearty hug would do. And I’m certain that the amount of time a couple hugs determines whether or not their relationship will survive. Find out why the Happiest couples hug!

I’m sure there’s some science behind it, but I don’t care about science. I was destined to be a hugger. Science can’t teach me anything I don’t already know, and I’m grateful for that.

Hug generates intimacy = Happiest Couples

You are as physically and figuratively close to your partner as you possibly can be. Hugging is like an extended display of affection, and everyone enjoys receiving hugs. Hugs are a need in everyday life. Consider the case of a newborn infant. Babies may die as a result of not getting physical love, such as kisses and embraces, from their parents. THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN IN RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships are similar to newborn newborns. They need continuous attention, affection, love, and cuddles.


Hugging is fun!

You’re lying in bed with your partner, hugging each other and attempting to find the most comfortable position for you to snuggle in. It always seems like one arm missing doesn’t go anywhere in the affection arrangement, so you’re both adjusting, laughing, and just staring at one another in a nice, loving manner which can lead to other ways of pleasure.

When someone’s feet are too chilly, hugging may take on a fun aspect, as can be seen in the video below. When someone’s bony ankle rubs up against their shin, this is known as “shin-splinting.” 


The hug unites you!

If you foster intimacy on a daily basis, you will be unable to separate from one another. Just statistically speaking, it is not feasible. Their corpses are pressed together in a single heap. Is it possible not to feel this closeness? You’d have to be robots if you didn’t feel close and connected to each other when you embrace one other on a regular basis.


Hugging is the easiest thing in the world

While there are many unpleasant things that might prohibit a relationship from working, embracing on a daily basis is not one of them. In the middle of an embrace, it is unnecessary for any vulnerable outpourings of profound sentiments to occur.

Nobody gives a damn about who does the dishes, who pays the bills, or who is in charge of taking out the garbage. You have a singular concentration on accepting others. In many cases, when you’re committed to your partner, those everyday concerns and disappointments may just fade into the background. It’s no wonder the happiest couples hug!


Hugging is a foreplay

Your touching each other, and everything seems to be going very smoothly and relaxingly one minute, then the next minute, you’re… Uh… Where have all of your clothing vanished to???

On the other hand, hugging is a highly effective transition to intercourse. In the necks, there is a lot of breathing going on. Lots of soft caresses are given. Many kisses that range from regular to powerful and “wow, where did we wind up, huh?!” 

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